Why Choose Us?

We are different

Our solutions have solid principles that run to the core of each application so we can boast:

  • Speed and cost of implementation
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility of configuration
  • Legislative compliance
  • Provide a platform for new technology

Problem solvers

We enjoy taking the nightmare issues that our clients tell us about, and transforming them into solutions that even children would be happy to dream about. For instance; we have a client who wanted to take control of the clean and disinfection of over 4000 showerheads spread over 20 sites throughout the UK. To make it even more complicated there were over 50 people to keep in the loop. The net result is that the client can see at any point where a particular showerhead is in the cycle and what, if any, have been overlooked – All implemented in just 12 hours.

Fusion of skills

Putting together both top end IT and water treatment knowledge creates an intangible skill mix that no one else can offer. This powerful combination allows us to make good headway into the routine legislative compliance work and spend more time listening to you and find out how you want things to be done. As a team we’re then all ready for the big rogue bull elephant that comes hurtling out of the bush, or even an environmental health officer doing an inspection visit!


As the first company to go to market in June 2000 with a web enabled water hygiene system, we were able to spend the next 4 years ironing out all the implementation problems whilst our ‘me too’ competitors played catch up. We lead the way with innovation, with the ability of our software being customised to our individual client needs, as well developments such as mobile data entry and document management.

We do our job

No matter whether you are a small outlet like a bowling club with a wash hand basin and a WC or a sprawling university with hundreds of accommodation buildings, we value all our customers. Our job is to design a system that allows all the cogs to operate in absolute harmony.