About Us

Aqualog is the leading provider of electronic logbooks for the compliance industry. Our reputation for data accuracy, fully customisable logbooks, and comprehensive knowledge in compliance has resulted in an extensive core of satisfied clients.

With over 22 years of xperience within the Compliance management and Software Industry, our experts are dedicated to working with management from all business fields, and our reports are tailored to specific requirements of each premises in accordance with the building type i.e. housing/ commercial/ industry/ or retail houses. We are dedicated to build to leading the industry through operational excellence, unrivalled customer service and unbeatable value for money.


Kevin Dyas (Bsc MRSC WMSoc), the founder of Aqualog, has extensive knowledge and understanding of compliance regulations have led to robust and reliable systems for the monitoring and recording of results for a wide range of clients. His innovative approach and ability to provide custom compliance solutions has made Kevin one of the top consultants in the industry.

Our Senior Software Developer Antony Celestine  has worked with water treatment companies in compliance for the last 15 years, and his knowledge in compliance solutions is second to none. His ability of visualising the future combined with innovative thinking has helped Aqualog to deliver the best solutions for our clients.