London 2012 Olympics – The Athletes Village

The Problem:

The Water Quality Strategy devised by Lendlease FM and their client (Olympic Delivery Authority) had to deliver high quality domestic hot and cold water services to all the apartments within the Athlete’s Village.  This strategy had to uphold high water quality standards through several phases of the project, from construction of the village right through the Olympic and Para Olympic Games and beyond, including periods of non-occupancy.

A key part of this strategy was a stringent monitoring and water testing programme that had to span in excess of 50,000 assets (hot and cold water taps, showers, calorifiers and storage tanks).  A battery of microbiological water tests were conducted to provide the water quality management team with assurance that the water was safe and of good quality at all times.

During peak monitoring periods there were over 5000 test results per week that had to be scrutinised, processed and recorded.

Aside from the need for high quality and safe water was the requirement to ensure that the integrity of the pipework infrastructure was upheld, with strict limitations applied to water disinfection regimes to ensure that infrastructure guarantees were not compromised.

The Solution:

Aqualog was chosen as the solution to manage and process all the test results.  The system was implemented in just two weeks and including compiling the extensive asset register and setting up the workflow to process the heavy stream of data traffic.

The data pathway was automated to import test results directly from the laboratory, and the water treatment company into Aqualog.  This ensured the speed of delivery specified and mitigated any risk of double data entry of the results.

Customised reports were set up to chart the progress of each testing parameter to provide assurance of compliance.

Random and sentinel point sampling functionality was deployed to ensure both compliance with the ACoP L8 and to assist the water treatment engineers with their sampling programme.

The Defect Management process was used to provide the workflow for the remediation of out of specification results.

The Result:

Accessible data to show a fully ACoP L8 compliant site, delivered on time and on budget.  Aqualog facilitated the delivery of the highest water quality specification that met and exceeded the demands of the various agencies and auditing bodies associated with the project.

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