Our Products


Web based Compliance Software

Our software specialises in compliance for the water industry.

Nonetheless, working closely with our user groups has shown us that our application is more than capable of dealing with other segments of the compliance market.

In addition to water compliance, other segments that Aqualog is particularly well equipped for include:

  • Fire Safety
  • Kitchen and Food Hygiene
  • Pest Control
  • Air hygiene

Many of our clients require combinations of compliance, and the Aqualog system incorporates fantastic integration to enable this. You can read about the key features of the Aqualog system below.

Entry Level System

All market sectors can take advantage of our entry level logbooks.  Simplicity is the key here where the onus is on the delivery of scheduled activity and reports but no requirement to engage complex asset management functionality.

For more details please call us on 01753 725405/ 08450 568 691 or email to enquiries@aqualog.co.uk