Custom Is Our Nature

Tailor made solutions

We have been listening to the requirements of our clients for over a decade and the one constant understanding that we have is that no two ways for managing compliance data are identical.  Differences in the ways information is processed can be pivotal in ensuring the success of a schema. Most applications can produce a myriad of customised reports but do not address the unique requirements for workflow.

At Aqualog we believe the only limitation to generating the most appropriate workflow is imagination.  Our consultants and developers are skilled process designers who are facilitated by the limitless potential of the Aqualog application.  For instance, tailored routines for processing remedial actions can be assigned to a single logbook, company, test attribute or even a user. We have found that this approach is more often than not the driverto achieve a sustainable compliance solution.

Minimise cost

Cost has always thrown up hurdles to derail what are perceived to be perfectly administrable routines, and now software is able to smooth the way. To assist our clients, our consultants have both a first class understanding of the Aqualog application AND  the compliance process it is managing. Customised solutions we have created include:

  • Defect Assigning – A hospital in the UK had a bottleneck in defect to remedial action – jobcard creation process; there were 4 parties involved in the administrative chain: The problem appeared as a back log of ‘unassigned’ defects.  Based on a set of house rules for processing these defects, the assignee was automatically chosen by the size and type of defect.  The result was that the backlog was immediately cleared and has not resurfaced, and the site compliance level has escalated.
  • Dual Control – A University in the UK, uses both temperature and chlorine dioxide to control microbiological growth in a water system.  The problem was that problematic outlets (taps) often generated two defects for the dual test.  Aqualog implemented functionality to remove the double defect effect in these instances.
  • Pseudomonas – A hospital implementing control measures for water quality in ICU, NICU & SCBU wards required a smart algorithm
  • Aqualog-Laboratory LIMS intehration