AquaLite™ Mobile Data Entry

Apple, Android, Blackberry & Windows devices

AquaLite™ is our innovative data capture software that runs on a range of mobile devices. The app provides mobile data entry for water hygiene compliance and is fully integrated with our web based application of Aqualog.

AquaLite™ has been developed using the same core principles as the Aqualog System; robust architecture, data security and ease of use are evident in the design. All mobile to server communication is directly over the internet for both communication of results and software upgrades.

The app enables clients to take complete control of compliance from anywhere. It is designed to work exclusively with both the Aqualog System, and with a number of water treatment technologies delivered by our partners that integrate with the Aqualog Sytem.

  • Plan Your Work – Customise your data entry screen and improve efficiency. Actions such as taking temperatures, flushing outlets and inputting filter barcodes can all be done from the same screen.
  • Non-Compliances – These are created automatically so you have full visibility of any defects, enabling you to schedule actions more efficiently.
  • Push Notification – On upload to the Aqualog server, an email can be sent to and cc’d to anyone providing a concise summary of the job done.
  • Online | Offline – No signal, no problem. Synchronise asset registers and jobs when internet becomes available.
  • User Friendly – We think this is the most user friendly mobile data app on the market. The slightest niggle, you tell us and we improve it.
  • Barcodes | Asset ID – Easily identify assets where ever and whenever you want.
  • Actions – Defines scheduled activities which tell the user which tests to perform on